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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a confidential experience that allows you to develop insight further, coping tools, and strategies for work, personal, and family situations or achieving goals and working through challenges. 

Youth (8+up) and Adults

Relationship Counselling

It is essential to recognize that when individuals come together, there may be challenges. Relationship counselling can be used to work through challenges, strengthen one's bond, discuss unspoken issues, sort through values and beliefs and establish a stronger sense of communication. 

I work with monogamous, ENM, Poly & LGBQTIA+ relationships


Group therapy brings individuals together to discuss specific topics or strategies and offers the opportunity to brainstorm, create connections and explore tools in a safe, supported space. Attending group counselling can guide you towards greater insights and inspire you to achieve more personal and professional goals. 


Integrating mind and body through physical movements can be one of the most powerful tools. If you want to reconnect to your physical form, options include yoga and meditation. 

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